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  • Charcoal Briquettes
    Charcoal briquettes, also known as or barbecue briquettes, which are made from carbonized coconut shells.


  • Smoking Zone
    Smoking Zone serve a large number of smokers at a time, we offer a specially designed model SR-65 to fit this category, where any room can be converted into a smoking lounge. The unit is easily relocated and constantly filters the toxic gases and unpleasant odours in the room, which in turn reduce the need for external ventilation and the loss of heat. We also help design and equip purpose-built smoking area, rooms or lounges that meet regulations and other requirements.


  • Alquran Braille
    Yayasan Raudlatul Makfufin sebagai salah satu lembaga yang melayani pencetakan dan pendistribusian Alquran Braille, telah konsen melakukan aktifitas tersebut sejak tahun 1994 hingga saat ini. Dengan memanfaatkan teknologi komputer, kami mengawali pencetakan tersebut dengan pembuatan file master Alquran Braille dalam bentuk SoftCopy.

    Huruf braille yang terdapat di dalam Alquran Braille memiliki simbol-simbol yang berbeda dngan huruf braille latin. Huruf-huruf yang terdapat di Alquran yang dapat juga disebut huruf hijaiyyah telah memiliki simbol sendiri, sesuai kesepakatan para ulama tunanetra di dunia.

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Smoking Lounge

Smoking cabins and lounges are rarely known for their architectural beauty and functional qualities – in 2001 we set out to change that. We teamed up with one of Denmark’s most talented designers, architect Jesper Wolff, with the aim of making beautiful smoking cabins of superior quality and high functionality.

The result was a system of modular smoking cabins and lounge-units that fit into virtually any existing architecture and interior decoration.

The SP AREA Series is part of Smoke Solution’s full range of smoking cabins and lounges in SINGLE, DOUBLE and TRIPLE unit combinations.

As a multi-unit smoking lounge area, the SP AREA is an efficient way to accommodate several users simultaneously.  Compact in dimensions, it can efficiently fit into most interiors.